Comprehensive Inspection for Static Equipment Fabrication

At More Inspection Group, we specialize in providing rigorous vendor inspection services for the fabrication and welding of static equipment, including piping, steel structures, and pressure vessels. Our goal is to ensure that all equipment meets the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance before delivery to our clients.

Third-Party Inspection Services

Third Party Inspection Services by More Inspection Group safeguard your investment by doing professional and impartial inspections, ensuring that the supplier meets all statutory compliance requirements.

Why Choose Us?

More Inspection Group has a long-standing reputation in Thailand as the most reliable inspection service provider. More Inspection Group inspects product quality per codes, standards, and client specifications.

History of Inspection

Why Do You Need Third-Party Inspection Services?

Third party inspection services and quality control are critical concerns in today’s business world. They allow companies to maintain quality assurance of products or equipment.

These inspection services are independent inspection services provided by an independent company to meet statutory compliance requirements. These services are essential to ensure product quality and manufacturing process meet the desired standards.

These services are delivered following regional and country-specific statutory requirements and guidelines. The benefits include testing and inspection, final inspection, auditing, and other services related to the process.

What are the Benefits of Third Party Inspection Services?

  • Make sure the material is as per specified standards.
  • Make sure the quality and quantity of goods are as per the contract.
  • Reduce the risk of defective products.
  • Minimize risk for the buyer.
  • Check that packaging is per the buyer’s requirement to avoid any damage during shipment.
  • Help to get insurance claims in case of accidental damages.
  • Highly proficient specialists.
  • Unbiased & independent assessments.
  • Thorough knowledge of local regulatory requirements.

Our Price & Terms

Our Price List:

Service ItemAll-inclusvie Anywhere in Thailand
Pre shipement inspectionNegotiable
During product inspectionNegotiable
Full Check inspectionNegotiable
Witnessed of Test PQR and Welder TestNegotiable
Factory AuditNegotiable

Values included:

>For Ad-Hoc or Resident Vendor Inspection Assignments.

>Management locally based in all major manufacturing regions.

>Guaranteed all-inclusive price, no extra charge for travelling expenses

>No extra charge for inspections on weekends.