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We Provide Inspection Services for Engineering Projects

More Inspection has a large team of highly qualified staff, including specialists in Construction (Oil Refinery, Petrochemical, Power-Plant) and construction, oil and gas infrastructure and pipelines, etc.

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Our monitoring, quality assurance and quality control services can be provided across a wide range of sectors (electric, oil and gas, chemical, Civil infrastructures, Buildings, etc.) and at any project stage (Construction, Operation and Maintenance phases).



We endeavor to become the number one the Third Party Inspection Agency by providing best quality services with complete customer satisfaction.


We are committed to Social Accountability & our Mission reflects to our Motto of “Fastest Report Publishing Guarantee after Inspection”


By choosing MoreInspection, you are choosing to partner a dedicated team of global experts committed to helping you manage risks and access global markets through a comprehensive portfolio of Third Party Inspection and Expedite Services.

What are Third-Party Inspections, and What Benefits do They Offer?

When you import goods from overseas or outsource manufacturing to a domestic partner, you must ensure that your products meet all specifications, legal requirements, and customer expectations.

Unfortunately, it becomes more challenging to accomplish this if you do not have your own presence at the factory. And if your supplier is halfway around the world, it becomes even more difficult.

To remedy this, many importers conduct third-party inspections before, during, or after production.

What exactly is a third-party inspection?

third-party inspection is the evaluation or assessment of your goods for quality control purposes. As the name suggests, it is neither carried out by the factory nor by you, the buyer. Instead, you hire an independent third-party inspection company (like MoreInspection) to conduct it.


  • Third Party Inspection & Expedite Services
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Skill Training & Skill Assessment
  • Vendor Surveillance Services
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Preshipment Inspection
  • Freelance Inspection Services
  • Consulting Services
  • In Services Inspection
  • Manpower Supply